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Further Protect Yourself

Remember the chaos and confusion from February 2020? We were entering the unprecedented and uncharted territory of COVID 19. Over the past two years, we’ve encountered fluctuating guidelines, protocols, and medical advice, but the constant remains “wear your mask and wash your hands.” How can you further protect yourself though? Now, with the onset of [...]

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Don’t forget about Superbowl Sunday!

Don't forget that this Sunday is Superbowl Sunday! Is your restaurant ready for the influx of take-out and delivery orders? This Sunday, February 7th, is without a doubt one of the biggest days for the average American. With more than 98 million tuning in last year, it is safe to say that the Superbowl is [...]

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2020: A Year In Review

The year 2020 was an unprecedented year.  It was a year we found ourselves being challenged to channel our energies into valuable components of our business. It was a year we had to actively prioritize positivity in all aspects of our lives. Let’s take a dive into 2020: A Year in Review. Check out some [...]

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Social Distancing Decals

Social Distancing Decals have become the norm for retail businesses. With the Covid-19 vaccine shining brightly at the end of the dark tunnel, businesses are anxiously and optimistically waiting to fully open back up. However, businesses still have a few challenges left to tackle. It seems the retail business has forever changed. Consumers are going [...]

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Face Masks and Eye Protection

Face Masks and Eye Protection:  Work together for maximum protection. Protection refers to keeping something or someone safe.  Through protection we shelter, shield, or defend from harm.  In order to protect we create a barrier, buffer, shield or a screen. Your face is the most vulnerable part of your body.  In the absence of a [...]

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Personal Protective Equipment and the Food Industry

Use of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) within the food industry is one of the most important requirements today.   The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety of our nation's food supply, cosmetics, and products. During the current highly volatile nature of the pandemic, the food industry [...]

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