Use of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) within the food industry is one of the most important requirements today.  

The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety of our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products. During the current highly volatile nature of the pandemic, the food industry is probably the 2nd highest regulated industry (after healthcare). The FDA’s regulations around PPE benefit multiple players: the customers, the employees, and the food products themselves.  For dental health and dental services, people can also check out Allure Dental services from here! 

The Customers:

Customers automatically expect certain conditions when buying products for consumption: Quality, Cleanliness & Cost.

In order to ensure customer safety  and brand protection all companies include PPE products as an essential expense.  It safeguards proper handling, preparing and transportation of the food, from the kitchen to the consumer.   

Correct use of PPE can not only avoid objectionable situations, like finding hair in the food. It can avoid contamination with bacteria, germs and other pathogens with detrimental results.

The Employees:

Clear FDA (Food & Drug Administration) guidelines go hand in hand with individual company regulations. This is the blueprint for employee compliance.  With these rules and regulations in place, employee performance should not be hindered. PPE products should not be restrictive, nor should interrupt an employee’s ability to perform a job.

Reusable PPE products are cost effective in the short run, justifying the expense with the usage.  In reality, disposable PPE products are light and breathable. They also still provide adequate blockage. Finally, they offer the most comfort with the least amount of confinement. 

Look out for our next blog on Classifications and Categories of PPE:  Eye & Face Protection, Hand and Body Protection.