Social Distancing Decals have become the norm for retail businesses.

With the Covid-19 vaccine shining brightly at the end of the dark tunnel, businesses are anxiously and optimistically waiting to fully open back up. However, businesses still have a few challenges left to tackle. It seems the retail business has forever changed. Consumers are going to be apprehensive of long, back to back lines for a long time to come.  The majority of shoppers will feel more comfortable walking into a retail establishment where guidelines and markings are clear.

Be as Clear as Possible

Most people will follow social distancing guidelines as long as it is clear what is expected of them. Social Distancing Floor Decals clearly mark the spots people should be standing in and the direction people should be walking in. Clear and visible indications of direction patterns will help foot traffic flow more easily.

Reasonable Enforcement

Businesses can either take a very strict stand on social distancing or risk losing customers.  Have posters outside the establishment which require that everyone follow these guidelines at all times. Customers who don’t follow the established requirements can be asked to leave the establishment. This helps to ensure the safety of other consumers that do adhere to the guidelines.  

In our opinion, the business climate is stormy. Retail businesses cannot afford to lose customers. Because of this, businesses should take a reasonable approach.  Request customers to follow the social distancing decals and arrows. This gentle reminder is the best approach with customers that make an error.

Keep the Positive Momentum

Even with the vaccine on the horizon, the virus is still present.  The country took very dramatic steps to help ‘flatten the curve’ for COVID-19. According to most experts, these steps have been quite effective. People still need to be vigilant to avoid a resurgence of the virus. Practicing social distancing can help to maintain the momentum that was started when everything shut down the first time.

Help to Stay Healthy

Social distancing decals are a concept that gained traction this year specifically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is a good practice to limit all types of contagious diseases. While nobody wants to stay six feet apart from others forever, this should be a skill that everyone utilizes in the future. Whether someone is sick themselves or lives with someone that isn’t well, they can social distance to protect as many people as possible. Everyone can enjoy a healthy society by working together.