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Watson Distributing, a leader in Thermal Paper Rolls is the best choice for all the POS paper and ribbon supplies you need to run your business.
Watson Distributing was founded in 1986 because there was a stark lack of suppliers for all thermal paper rolls and custom printed receipt rolls to the hospitality industry.  There were multiple companies who sold POS systems, but when it came time to buy the supplies for the POS systems, these businesses were scrambling.
Thermal rolls,  waterproof rolls, ribbons and cartridges are small, but essential parts of operations for the hospitality industry. They assist restaurants on the front end in taking orders as well as back in the kitchen to fulfill the orders.
Our Complete line of thermal, bond and carbonless paper rolls for all Restaurant Management Systems are priced to help our valuable clients in today’s climate.
Thermal paper is a special kind of paper that is covered with a material devised to change the color when exposed to heat. It is used in thermal printers, particularly in devices such as POS systems, adding machines, cash registers, and credit card terminals, which are essential to any business.  
Watson Distributing’s vast line of thermal POS paper consists of single, double, and triple ply rolls.  Additionally, we carry coreless and bond rolls, which come in a variety of sizes depending on your individual POS system specifications.
Along with the thermal POS paper rolls for the food and drink industry,  we also have an immense inventory for Gas Pump Rolls, Kiosk Rolls, ATM Rolls, Fax Rolls, and Receipt Rolls for any retail establishment to run an efficient business.We are proud to state our product is USA Made and is BPA-free.   With our warehouses located nationwide, we can fill your order on the same day with free delivery service.
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