The year 2020 was an unprecedented year.  It was a year we found ourselves being challenged to channel our energies into valuable components of our business. It was a year we had to actively prioritize positivity in all aspects of our lives. Let’s take a dive into 2020: A Year in Review.

Check out some of those positives we focused on here at Watson Distributing.


We revitalized this website to include online shopping for an improved and effortless experience for our customers.  Our online store’s extensive inventory allows our customers to place their order, pay for their products, and receive order processing updates all in just a few clicks!

Personal Protective Equipment

When March 2020 rolled around,  the whole world saw the magnanimity of the virus we were dealing with.  People hoarded essential items to stay safe from the common enemy all of us were facing.  With years of B2B experience under our belt,  we decided to do our part to help with the shortages most of the mainstream retail stores were facing.  Thus, immediately we expanded our product list and inventory to include PPE products such as face masks, face shields, sanitizing wipes, and hand sanitizer.

Tamper Proof Seals

Later in the year, restaurants, coffee shops, juice bars, and other food and drink establishments started opening for take out and delivery food services. This is when we added  a complete range of Tamper Proof Seals.  These seals ensure safe and secure take out or delivery of food bags, pizza boxes, coffee cups and juice cups.  This line of products is currently one of our best sellers.


Don’t forget the other Covid-19 products we added to our inventory as we pivoted to meet the needs of our customer base!



This 2020: A Year in Review shows that we constantly evolved  to serve our customers with the products they needed and you can count on us to strive to do more in the year ahead, 2021!