Remember the chaos and confusion from February 2020? We were entering the unprecedented and uncharted territory of COVID 19. Over the past two years, we’ve encountered fluctuating guidelines, protocols, and medical advice, but the constant remains “wear your mask and wash your hands.” How can you further protect yourself though? Now, with the onset of the Omicron variant, PPE is more critical than ever not only for the healthcare workers but for every business and home as a component of your emergency supply. Here are some other common PPE products:


You should only consider gloves if you’re mindful of the surfaces you’re touching. It doesn’t make sense to use gloves for grocery shopping and then use those same gloves to drive and open your front door. If you choose to use gloves, get non-sterile disposable ones that fit snugly on your hands. Ours come in a variety of sizes in boxes of 100.

Hand Sanitizer:

Hand sanitizer is a great tool for disinfecting when you’re out and you may not have ready access to a sink to wash your hands. Keep a small bottle in your pocket or in your purse, just make sure it’s a room temperature environment as it loses effectiveness when stored in extreme heat (ex. A car during the summer). Use a liberal amount to cover all surfaces of both your hands and rub until dry.

Alcohol Wipes:

At 75% concentration or higher, these wipes are ideal for disinfecting surfaces. These single-use wipes are a quick fix to making sure you’re not coming into contact with any germs. Buy some canisters for your house/workspace or some packs to keep with you on the go!

Masking up and washing your hands is key to staying safe, but there are ways to further protect yourself and others! Let us help take care of that for you!