Face Masks and Eye Protection:  Work together for maximum protection.

Protection refers to keeping something or someone safe.  Through protection we shelter, shield, or defend from harm.  In order to protect we create a barrier, buffer, shield or a screen.

Your face is the most vulnerable part of your body.  In the absence of a widely distributed vaccine, face masks and eye protection have become not only an accessory to our everyday fashion, but the best protector against the menace of Covid-19. 


CDC (The Center for Disease Control) have been pleading and strongly recommending (some areas are mandating) people to wear face masks since the beginning of this Covid-19 threat.  Face coverings that cover the face and nose are the most effective barriers. They help prevent respiratory droplets from traveling and floating into the air onto people.  Three ply face masks or face masks with layers work most effectively, trapping germs and viruses when the person wearing it talks, coughs or sneezes.  

When you double up the face mask with an eye protection shield or goggles they provide safety from respiratory droplets to the eyes of the person wearing it, which maximizes face protection. 

Protect for the Long Haul

When we would see a person wearing a mask at a crowded airport, or a sporting event,  we would wonder- whether the person was paranoid, or there was an underlying condition they needed to stay safe from.  At this point and time, face masks and shields have become a part of a comprehensive strategy to stay safe and protect your loved ones.

The use of face covering alone is not sufficient to maintain an adequate level of protection.  Remember to practice physical distancing,  keep rooms well ventilated, practice proper hand hygiene, avoid crowds, and sanitize your everyday used items.  We are all in the same fight,  we have to watch out for each other’s safety. We have to protect one another.