Happy National Tell a Story Day! Everyone loves a good story, here is ours. How did Watson Distributing come about?


A good story has 5 components – Characters, Setting, Plot, Conflict and Resolution.


Characters – The owners of Watson Distributing had a background in restaurant ownership.  When they decided to diversify, they went into selling point-of-sale (POS) systems to restaurants like theirs. This combination of restaurant management and POS system expertise was a great match until…


Setting – It was time for the big day, the grand opening!  Staff and owners panicked as they ran around looking to buy thermal receipt paper and ink cartridges for their POS systems.


Plot –   After selling POS systems to over 200 restaurants, one thing became clear. It was a major dilemma that the POS system did not come with the thermal receipt rolls needed to print receipts and printers didn’t come with ink ribbons.


Conflict – The owners started debating whether to keep selling POS systems without the supplies needed to operate them or start a brand new business that addressed the problem new restaurant owners were facing. The decision was an easy one.


Resolution – Founded in 1982, Watson Distributing sought to provide food and drink establishments with essential supplies. By providing things like thermal receipt rolls and ink ribbons, Watson Distributing takes care of what restaurants need but seldom think about when it comes to operations.


Watson Distributing – Helping Businesses Operate Smoothly.


Happy National Tell a Story Day! We hope you enjoyed our story! What’s yours?