Happy Beverage Day! Anything you drink (except for water) is a beverage – coffee, tea, milk, soda, juice, smoothies, even soup. Where does the word “beverage” come from?

It’s a variant of bevrage, from old French.  From Beivre (“to drink”), variant of Boivre (“to drink”).  From Latin “Bibo”.

Most people strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of the keys to this healthy lifestyle is to stay hydrated.

Here at Watson Distributing, we exceptionally value customers of ours that promote maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One of our favorites is Jamba Juice. With their invigorating beverage names, exotic ingredients, healthy boosts, nutrition information, and tamper proof seal across the cup,  Jamba gives you that extra spring in your step. It’s an overall sensation of just feeling healthier when you walk out with a “Jamba” beverage in your hand.

Whether it’s a Jamba Juice smoothie or not, don’t forget to stay hydrated with your favorite beverage. You are sure to lead a healthier lifestyle and help promote overall well being around you! 

In honor of National Beverage Day, we’d like to call special attention to our tamper seal drink label. These labels are not only for Jamba Juice and other smoothie places. They belong in every restaurant that does to-go drinks. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, people like to know that their drink is safe and untampered with. Let us help you help your customers stay hydrated, safe, and well. Check out our tamper seal drink labels today and request a FREE sample! They are sure to change the game of take-out and delivery orders in your eatery. Happy National Beverage Day from Watson Distributing. Celebrate safely and enjoy!