The restaurant industry is constantly changing. That’s why it’s imperative to find the best way to cut back on essential expenses without compromising quality. This guarantees a smoothly functioning business!


When buying Thermal Receipt Rolls for your POS (Point of Sale) system at your restaurant,  here’s how you can buy POS Paper rolls for less money.


You will save more money by ordering a case or more at a time. Even if your business only uses a couple rolls per week, ordering multiple cases will get you deeper discounts.  It will serve 2 purposes:


* You will spend a lot less on your Receipt Rolls.

* You will always have Thermal POS paper at hand.


In addition to ordering multiple cases of POS Paper Rolls, there are other ways to save on this essential business item. Creating an account and building a relationship with a receipt roll and paper supplier allows you to negotiate custom prices created exclusively for your business.


You should also keep in mind that not all Thermal Receipt Rolls are created equal. Sometimes a product looks the same, but in reality that roll could be shorter than advertised or contain harmful BPAs. Make sure your rolls are Made in the USA and BPA free to get the most use of your entire POS system.  


Watson Distributing always takes pride in providing you a USA product at the best prices. Our Receipt Paper is always BPA free and we like to say that the only thing better than our products is our exceptional customer service!  Contact us or call at 800-967-7389 to talk to us today!