Most of us enjoy flavorful food. The keys to flavorful food are the herbs and spices in the recipe. These can turn a dish from bland to grand! Herbs and Spices create culinary masterpieces, so it’s only fitting to designate one day of the year to these special materials that take ordinary dishes to a whole new level. Happy Herbs and Spices Day!


Different herbs are used for different purposes. 


Aromatic herbs, such as lavender and mint grow for their scent. They are ingredients in perfumes, candles, potpourri and toiletries. Celebrate Herbs and Spices Day by going to your favorite fragrance store and treating yourself!


Culinary herbs – basil, chives, dill, parsley, cilantro, oregano, and sage – enhance flavors to develop delicious recipes. Celebrate by eating the tastiest dish at your favorite local restaurant. Dont’ forget your receipt!


Medicinal herbs, such as garlic, serve healing purposes. They can help treat ailments as well as prevent them. 


Ornamental herbs, such as lavender, chamomile, tyme, sage, and rosemary, partner with flowers to enhance aesthetic value and the aroma of a bouquet. They enrich both fresh and dried arrangements – These herbs are commonly grown to enrich fresh and dried arrangements,  partnering with flowers to enhance not only the aesthetic value, but also the aroma of the bouquet.  Celebrate by supporting your local flower shop


Here at Watson Distributing, we encourage you to have a very Happy Herbs and Spices Day! Whether you’re celebrating by starting an herb garden or you’re celebrating by going to your favorite, local store, it is sure to be lovely day!