June 15 is here, the day California has been waiting for! Happy Reopening Day! It’s simultaneously exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time!

June 15 represents so many things. First and foremost, it means that not as many people are getting sick with Covid-19.  Even so, after 15 long months of lockdowns and shutdowns, physical distancing and stay-at-home mandates, people can still be unsure of their feelings towards this grand scale reopening. Whether you’re excited for this change or you’re feeling a bit afraid and vulnerable about stepping into a new normal, we’re here for you.

Listen to your inner voice as you navigate these new situations. It’ll help you maintain your well being and define your comfort level.

If you’re vaccinated and want to go maskless, do so.

If you prefer wearing a mask, do so.

Walk out if you feel that certain venues are too crowded.

Choose outdoor options over indoor ones if you so desire.

Only you can choose how to move forward today. June 15 also means many pandemic time restrictions will be revised.  We want you to be prepared.

Here’s what to expect with the reopening:

  1. California will no longer have capacity limitations.
  2. Physical distancing restrictions for attendees, customers and guests in most situations will be called off.
  3. Fully vaccinated people can be maskless in most settings.
  4. Event organizers can host outdoor events with 10,000+ people. These kinds of events include, but are not limited to, festivals, parades, sporting events & concerts.
  5. Indoor events with 5000+ guests require verification of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of the event.  

Go forth and enjoy this new phase of life here in California! We can’t wait to see what you do. We hope you’ll go to your favorite local eatery (you know, the one that you haven’t been to in a while) Order some food and don’t forget to ask for a receipt! Happy Reopening Day!