The United Nations established World Environment Day (WED) in 1972. The first initiative for WED took place two years later with the theme “Only One Earth.” Every year since then, different  countries have hosted WED and promoted various environment-related activities. Environment literally means the natural world as a whole or a geographical area in particular as affected by human activities. So let us be the first to tell you, Happy World Environment Day!

Last 10 Year List of Host Countries and Themes:

2011 – India –  Nature at your Service

2012 – Brazil –  Green Economy

2013 – Mongolia –  Think, Eat, Save

2014 – Barbados –  Raise your Voice, Not The Sea Level

2015 – Italy –  Seven Billion Dreams.  One Planet.  Consume with Care

2016 – Angola –  Go Wild for Life

2017 – Canada –  Connecting People to Nature

2018 – India –  Beat Plastic Pollution

2019 – China –  Beat Air Pollution

2020 – Columbia –  Time for Nature

2021 – Pakistan –  Generation Restoration

Our ecosystem has been degraded, abused, and destroyed. It’s time to help do your part to conserve and ensure that the ecosystem stays intact. Ecosystem restoration may sound like a daunting task, but think about it one step at a time.

Here are some things you can do to help decrease your carbon footprint:

Plant a tree.

Create a green rooftop or balcony.

Adopt a meatless Monday into your diet.

Make sure you shop and ask for a BPA free receipt.

Do your part to make peace with nature. This theme of “Generation Restoration” helps us all realize that this generation will be the one to make all the difference, the one that will help the environment rather than hurt it. Happy World Environment Day!