Happy National Waitstaff Day! Did you know that last Friday, May 21st was National Waitstaff Day? Waitstaff Day started at Galvin at Windows on the 28th floor of London Hilton. It was a time set aside to celebrate staff from the maitre d’s to baristas, from dining staff to bar mixologists.


The goal of Waitstaff Day was to freeze the perception of waiters and waitresses as unskilled workers. Instead, they are hardworking staff with a multitude of skills, using this stage as a stepping stone leading to numerous rewarding careers.


If you are a member of this hardworking waitstaff, today is your day. Reverse your role. Go to your favorite restaurant and spend your time with your loved ones (or your favorite coworkers). Enjoy good food, relish in the ambiance, and appreciate quality service.


On the other hand, if you are (and always have been) a dining customer, it’s time for you to consciously realize that a waitstaff job is a never ending one.  Make sure you appreciate how they serve six to eight tables seating an average of four people each, at any given time.  Fulfilling demands and requests of this many people at the same time takes an immense amount of skill, poise, endurance, composure, diligence and organization.


Restaurant guests, be extra cordial and pleasant to your waitstaff, not only on Waitstaff Day but everyday.  Showing your appreciation by tipping them the industry normal which is 15%-20% is not enough.  Be polite, patient, and reasonable with your requests and demands. This is sure to make dining out a much more pleasant experience for the consumer and the server. A belated but very Happy National Waitstaff Day from Watson Distributing!