Today is “No Dirty Dishes Day!” – What a fun holiday! Use this day as an excuse to avoid cooking at home today. Go visit your favorite local restaurant in person! Sitting in their safely opened dining room or patio will eliminate the use of your kitchen sink all together. If eating at restaurants isn’t your thing yet, celebrate by getting take out and eating your food right out of the container. Get some biodegradable forks, knives, and spoons and enjoy! If this is what you choose to do, don’t forget to look for the safety seal and tamper seal label on your take-out or delivery order. If your favorite local restaurant doesn’t currently use them, ask them why. Then give them our information! We’ll take care of the rest. 

Make It Social!

Talk to your family, your roommates, whoever you find yourself eating with these days. Everyone can choose places together and use meal times as bonding times: breakfast, lunch, and dinner! How far are these places? Can you walk or bike there? Use this holiday to get some light exercise in and spend even more time with loved ones!

Staying Home?

Still not sold on doing restaurant food for all three meals? Alternatively, you can go ahead and cook at home, but try not to let the dishes pile up. Wash dishes within a few minutes of using them, wipe, and put them away. Enjoy at least one day of seeing a clean kitchen sink every time you walk into the kitchen! 

You can also simply eat foods you don’t need a dish for: a protein bar or a meal replacement shake for breakfast, a handful of almonds for snacking, some hard boiled eggs from the previous day for lunch, and take out for dinner!

However you’ve decided to celebrate No Dirty Dishes Day, enjoy yourself! (then let us know how you’re celebrating)