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The hospitality industry recognizes magnetic stripe cards by numerous different names: employee cards, ID cards, swipe cards, etc. These same plastic cards double as gift cards and loyalty cards as well. Conveniently packed in sets of 25, our cards come in white, blue, and gold!
What exactly is a magnetic stripe card?
A magnetic stripe card is a type of card that permits the user to complete electronic transactions or access the POS system of the business.
Watson Distributing can custom print your magnetic stripe card (employee, gift, and loyalty) with your company logo and personalize it with your business information.  The magnetic stripe cards from Watson Distributing are manufactured to meet and exceed the regular specifications.  You can be sure you are receiving consistent quality and durability when using plastic cards from Watson.
If you choose to purchase our blank PVC employee cards, you can print the design that you choose, which can be used in all thermal card printers or a plastic card printer.
Custom gift cards are the best way today to drive sales. We provide the customization.   Numerous benefits of custom gift cards include, but are not limited to: encouraging repeat shopping and customer loyalty, increasing the likelihood that customers will spend beyond the gift card value, and avoiding the need for cash refunds.
Watson Distributing always takes pride in providing you a Made in the USA product at the best prices. As we like to say “The only thing better than our products is our exceptional customer service”! Call us at 800-967-7389 to talk to us. We can’t wait to hear from you!
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