Today’s the day! It’s officially the opening ceremony for the Summer 2020 Olympics. Postponed from last year due to Covid-19, these Olympics will look a little different. Noise, cheers, and spectators usually mark Opening Day as the athletes enter the stadium. However, this year will rely more heavily on the spectacle and performance of the ceremony create the celebratory factor.

The Olympic games this year will set a precedent like no other. Now more than ever, health is at the forefront of priorities. The utmost concern is the safety of athletes and staff alike.

The Olympic games this year are expecting 206 nations to participate. As a result, the very fitting motto of these Olympic games is “United by Emotion.” Over the past year of physical distancing, quarantine, and isolation, emotional connection united humanity. Emotions will be running high during the Olympics this year, which is only amplified by the circumstances surrounding this monumental event.

Hosting the Olympic games is a very prestigious and exciting occasion for any country. Something to recognize is the boost to the country’s economy through the influx of people spending their money on accommodations, dining out, and excursions. Japan won’t see that this year. However, they will make history for hosting an immense event that brought the world together after being apart for so long. This legacy will be one to remember, “United by Emotion.” Welcome to Opening Day everyone! Watson Distributing’s commitment to USA-made products translates to the Olympics. Go Team USA!