Happy Independence Day! July 4th commemorates the day the United States of America announced independence from Great Britain. This day holds a different meaning for every individual or company. Here at Watson Distributing, we think about our pride in selling “Made in the USA” products. 


Our national economy thrives when we produce and buy products domestically. The positive and powerful impact on our economy generates tax revenue and creates more jobs. When cities support “Made in the USA” products, these communities expand in so many different ways. A few of the industries that flourish are shopping malls, restaurants, car dealerships, mom and pop businesses, and the housing sector.

These businesses provide jobs. This subsequently reduces the unemployment rate and benefits the community. Positive development (like this) enables residents of the community to have more spending money, which creates continuous and steady economic growth.


Monetary benefits aren’t the only good thing that comes from acquiring domestically produced goods. When the products we buy and use are “made in the USA,” we don’t need to ship the product overseas. This reduces fuel consumption and overall carbon emissions associated with shipping and other logistics.


American manufacturers consistently work under stringent regulations and requirements.  They produce products which consistently meet higher standards for quality than overseas products. There is good reason for this although sometimes it may seem that the price is higher. “Made in the USA” products are higher in quality than their overseas counterparts. Thus consumers reap more benefits when they use them, which prompts future buying. This perpetuates a positive cycle. 

An additional part of the stringent regulations American manufacturers must follow is labor safety. The United States has some of the world’s most inflexible labor safety standards and requirements. Fair labor practices are in place to manufacture “Made in the USA products.”

Happy Independence Day!

From all of us here at Watson Distributing, we hope you do your part in supporting the American economy. Celebrate the Fourth of July by purchasing “Made in the USA” products, like ours. Happy Independence Day!