Happy Thanksgiving Watson family! Enjoy a meal with your loved ones this year. Whether you’re cooking or ordering in from your favorite restaurant, treasure this time spent with those most important to you! If you are catering your Thanksgiving dinner from a restaurant, we encourage you to support local eateries by calling them directly to place your order. Tip well and don’t forget your receipt


After taking a much needed rest from Thanksgiving dinner, we look forward to Black Friday, an additional day off of work and a day to take advantage of deep discounts before the holiday season of gifting. This is your reminder to get a head start on your holiday shopping this year. 

The true star of this upcoming holiday weekend is Small Business Saturday. Supporting small businesses is vital to the community economy. Oftentimes prices are just as competitive, but you’ll find more unique and higher quality products. As a small business, this is one of our favorite days of the year. Use this day to find the best gifts for your loved ones and again, don’t forget your receipt! 


So this holiday weekend, from all of us at Watson – Happy Thanksgiving! We’re thankful for your support of our small business and so happy to be doing continued business with you!