We won’t forget last year. 2020 will likely be a year remembered for uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and overall paranoia.  As we move on, we must acknowledge the positives. In retrospect, we made memories and learned life lessons in the year of 2020. Today, let us focus on how 2020 was a year of silver linings. 


No doubt that you had your own experiences last year. Take a moment, think about them, or write them in a journal. Lost? Here are a few to ponder upon.


  1. Many people started to work from home. This helped them to pause, get off the hamster wheel, slow down. They were able to spend more quality time with the family and enjoy meal times together. 
  2. Most people learned not to take anything for granted, especially their health.  Kindness and patience became core life values again.
  3. Lots of people saved money on commuting, dining out, and traveling. This money was repurposed to self-care and donated to causes that made a difference. 
  4. People were able to devote more time to reading and other hobbies that had been put on the back burner for many years.
  5. Many got into exercise, fitness, and wellness. Over the course of the year, it has become a habit and a way of life for these people.


There were no parties, recitals, and holiday celebrations. Instead, memories of simpler things (kids playing outdoors, cooking and baking, arts and crafts, a simple hike, or a day at the beach) fill our hearts and our phones.

A Year of Silver Linings

Let us take a moment and look at another silver lining shining brightly in the distance: the Covid-19 Vaccine. Think about the research and development that went into producing it and how many people have already been vaccinated.  There’s hope at the end of the tunnel and we hope you’ll continue to ride this road with us finding a year of silver linings where ever you go.