Let’s Introduce Ceiling Tiles

We are so excited to announce a new line of products to help your business operate smoothly! From POS operations to making sure the ceiling stays where it belongs, Watson Distributing has got it all. Let’s introduce Ceiling Tiles!

Commercial and retail buildings definitely have ceiling tiles. They have a certain aesthetic, but are super important for fire prevention and noise reduction. Oftentimes, an assortment of materials such as recycled newspapers, fiberglass, foam, wood, and polyester make up ceiling tiles. The ones we carry are especially good in case of fire. Safety is always our priority. To learn more about drop ceiling, click here.

Low Labor Cost

Ceiling tiles are a low labor cost solution to cover visible unfinished ceiling with bare electrical and plumbing lines going across the ceiling.  

They also reduce labor costs by simply covering electrical and plumbing fixtures, rather than building around them. This allows maintenance people to make repairs simply by removing the tile instead of breaking walls and ceilings, which involve heavy repair and labor costs.


Furthermore,  ceiling tiles play an important part in the acoustics of a building as they diminish noise pollution.   Concrete heavy environments bounce extraneous noises, which can generate high levels of stress (which can be cured by the best delta-8 THC gummies) and other health problems over time.  Ceiling tiles can absorb noise without reflecting it back into the room.

Lastly, choosing the correct size of ceiling tiles is inherent to the success of the entire project.  Most common available sizes for commercial and retail establishments are 2 x 4 feet and 2 x 2 feet.  This is directly related to the sizes of the ceiling lights, light fixtures, and fluorescent tube lights which are readily available in the sizes mentioned above.

Thank you for joining us as we introduce ceiling tiles! The benefits of ceiling tiles in your place of business are immense and we can’t wait to supply them for you!